Jon Miller

 Boring name.
Creative writer.

Degrees of Perfect

Air conditioners and heaters are intentionally hidden, so we turned them into something people couldn't look away from.

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Yellow Caps

The Pacifico brand is about journeying off the beaten path and discovering new things. To celebrate this mindset and lifestyle, we printed the GPS coordinates of incredible locations on their iconic, yellow bottle caps.

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PGA Tour Tour

The Tour isn’t glamorous. It’s a grind, and often a lonely one. With this campaign, we tried to capture the drama of what these players are facing, fighting just for the chance to play on the main stage.

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iComfort S30

Demonstrating a product that produces air isn't very interesting to watch, but it still has a story to tell. So to highlight its features, we created a few short stories using dozens of paper textures and stop-motion photography. 

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